Open Thanksgiving
through December 30th

Monday - Friday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Admission Prices

$8 / car (up to 10 persons)

$2 / person for vehicles over 10 persons

Symphony of Lights is Clinton Iowa's Holiday Festival. Visitors to the festival will enjoy the viewing of over 40 lighted displays, 500,000+ supporting lights, castles, streams and a gingerbread lodge that fill a 1.1 mile loop of Clinton's Eagle Point Park located off of highway 67 North. Its beauty and splendor will take you back to those holiday memories of your childhood.

The Symphony of Lights was brought to the Clinton, Iowa in November 1996 by two non-profit organizations, Clinton Jaycee Foundation and Clinton Symphony Orchestra. These organizations founded the event as a fundraiser, but quickly learned it was much more. The Symphony of Lights brought a sense of pride to the community that had been lacking for a long time. It awakened volunteerism in all ages. Since its inception the number of volunteers has grown tremendously. It is estimated that the numbers involved reaches around 400.

During its 6th year the Clinton Jaycee Foundation became the sole organizer of the Symphony of Lights. This change occurred due to a reorganization and a change in focus of the Clinton Symphony Orchestra. All proceeds go to enhance and continue the Symphony of Lights, fund the programs of the Clinton Jaycee Foundation and make improvements and upgrades within Eagle Point Park.